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Hammocks, Chairs & Combos

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The awesome Bougainville (commonly misspelled as Bouganville) Hammocks can be tied to trees, hammock stands, or posts. Make sure that whatever you're using to tie your hammock up is sturdy enough to hold you. The distance between your posts should be at least a couple of feet more than the length of your hammock. Then stretch out your hammock and string your hammock between the trees or posts- stretching it tightly. It is recommended to hang the hammock at least three to five feet off the ground. Knot your rope and ensure that the rope is tight enough that it will not slip down when you get into it.

Hammock Stands make hanging your hammock a breeze. Just hook up or tie up your hammock to the stand and enjoy!

We also have great hammock chairs for people who still want to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a hammock with limited space. As well as hammock accessories that include storage bags, pillows, and straps.

Hammocks are a symbol of relaxation and leisure. Whether you want to swing, sleep, or rest- here at Dazadi we guarantee that we'll have the best quality for the best price out there!

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