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At we take great pride in our expertly curated selection of basketball hoops, basketball goals, and accessories. We offer only the finest in adjustable basketball hoops, fixed basketball systems, backboards and more for every yard, budget, and skill level.'s basketball equipment selection boasts such an impressive variety that buyers are often left confused as to which basketball hoop is right for them.

To help you sort through our extensive selection of basketball goals, we've created what we believe is the most thorough and helpful basketball hoop buying guide on the web. We've drawn upon our many years of experience so you can build an awesome home court. If you want to know which backboard size is right for you or how much a basketball hoop costs, please continue reading below! Of course, if you still have questions you can always call us at 888-382-4537, our basketball experts are available 24/7 to help you find the perfect fit.

What Quality and Size Basketball Hoop Do I Need to Buy?

As you begin your search for a basketball system, remember to determine the age range, skill level, and type of player you've got at home. It doesn't hurt to plan ahead, either. A casual basketball player does not need the same quality basketball goal as someone who is aspiring to play organized basketball.

A family with small children, for instance, requires an adjustable basketball hoop so that the rim height can be raised or lowered at their convenience. This also allows your hoop to grow with your children! A backboard measuring 48 - 54 inches, made from shatterproof polycarbonate, acrylic or even eco-friendly recycled materials provides plenty of durability and rebound space at a budget-friendly price.

A serious adult basketball player, on the other hand, will want to purchase systems with larger, higher quality basketball backboards and rims, thicker poles, and regulation specifications so that their home system feels the same as the one they play on competitively. carries a large variety of both recreational and professional level hoops, as well as wall mount hoops for those looking to save space. Each option has different sizes and price points to choose from, ensuring your family's satisfaction.

Should I Buy an In-Ground, Portable, or a Wall Mounted Hoop?

If you have permanent location for your basketball court, buy an in-ground basketball hoop. In-ground systems are typically preferred over portables and wall mounts as their cement installation allows them to be the most rigid, durable, and sturdy.

If you need to be able to move your system, or don't want to deal with cement installation, buy a portable basketball hoop. They are convenient and allow you to play basketball just about anywhere even if you want to change your venue. Also, some homeowners associations have rules about what can be left outside all day or permanently installed in front of your home. A portable hoop will allow you to shoot hoops in the driveway and roll it into storage when not in use.

If you are not able to provide any ground space for a basketball system or simply don't want to have a pole in the way, you should consider a backboard and rim combo or wall mounted basketball system. These kinds of systems allow you to mount a basketball hoop directly to a wall, roof, or garage.

If you still have questions, read through our complete basketball hoop buying guide to help you narrow your selection further.

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In addition to our premium selection of basketball hoops for sale, we also offer an extensive selection of basketball accessories including basketball court marking stencil kits, basketball rims, hoop lights, Rolbak nets, basketballs, basketball training aids, basketball nets, coaches equipment, and much more. Every accessory we offer is supplied by brands you trust, making your one-stop shop for all your basketball needs.

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