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Review of Advantage Basketball Camps

August 20th, 2010

Advantage Basketball offers a series of camps and private instructional sessions for aspiring basketball stars ages 7 all the way up to 18. More than just a babysitting service, the basketball camps provide intensive, hands-on instruction for players who want to work hard and improve. The camps themselves are located all over the country with plans to expand into new states. They include between 1 and 5 days of personalized instruction for players of all skill levels. From those competitive kids who are new to the game to older players aiming for college scholarships. The Advantage Basketball Camp’s are an excellent choice.

The Advantage youth basketball camp is designed to promote both fun and high-level intensity. Kids must come prepared to work hard and the camp promises that they will improve. Ball handling is at the center of the camp’s focus, and the coaches arrange a number of one-handed dribbling drills to reinforce proper techniques. Not only will campers develop their basic ball handling ability, but they will learn impressive and essential moves to become more effective off of the dribble. Success in basketball is largely determined by repetition and muscle memory. For this reason, the camp’s coaches put players through a wide range of different drills.
Both the boys camp and the girls basketball camp are run by experienced, skilled teachers of the game of basketball. Among them are former and current college and professional stars. Campers will learn skills from the best in the business and will have an opportunity to compete against similarly skilled kids. At the end of the camp experience, players of all ages will have learned a host of important skills that they can then use in order to work on their own games at home. They will leave the Advantage camps with essential skills to stand out in their school or traveling leagues.

In Washington, California, and Oklahoma, players can opt for an even more intensive, personal experience. Advantage offers one-on-one lessons and small group lessons for those who truly want to get better at one thing or another. These sessions take the principles taught at camp and apply them even more closely, making sure players fix any problems and reach their potential. Players can also choose to play in one of Advantage Basketball’s leagues in order to put their newly learned skills to the test. For those who are serious about getting better, this is an excellent option.