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Top 5 Exercise Machines for Bad Knee

August 29th, 2012

A great exercise shouldn’t just be for people in perfect health.  Old and young, healthy or recovering, the joy of athleticism is for everyone. So what do you do when joints start aching more easily or less exercise is making one vastly short of breathe? Athletes have to change and adapt to their aging and changing bodies in order to stay in the game. One common hurdle when fighting to get a good work-out are bad knees which are very common among older adults. We have compiled the 5 top exercise machines for individuals with weak knees who still hunger for a good burn!

Our first recommendation for athletes with hurting knees is a wonderful stationary bike. Get the thrill of a full work-out without putting immense pressure and stress on the knees.  The Stamina CPS 9300 is the perfect addition for an avid athlete wanting to stay active. This excellent cycle is built to go the distance without breaking the bank. A weighted flywheel builds speed imitating an outdoor bike ride. This great cycle also has adjustable tension and a sturdy steel frame, offering several different types of workouts.

Another fantastic option for a workout that doesn’t strain the knee is a basic elliptical machine. One great option is the BladeZ Quantum Elliptical Machine. This device offers a low impact workout for the legs and knees while still working several key muscle groups.  Durable and quiet, this tough device will help you raise your heart rate without taxing your wallet.

Looking for a great workout puts virtually no strain on your knees? Consider the Body Solid Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench. This machine focuses on key muscles. Perform ab crunches and build endurance without increasing pain and discomfort in the legs and knees. Offering abdominal resistance and adjustable weight, this machine can change with your needs.

Looking for a workout that is both challenging and fun while still protecting your knees?  A wonderful elliptical cross trainer is the perfect tool to stay active and provide low impact training on your knees. The Kettle Fitness Unix M Elliptical Cross trainer is an exceptional workout at a reasonable price. This machine offers an inertia building gliding system and frictionless resistance which is easy on all the joints, not just delicate knees.

Last but not least is an incredible workout on a top line rowing-machine from Dazadi. Consider the Stamina ATS Air Rower when looking for an excellent burn without testing your knees and joints. This device provides a smooth workout on a comfortable seat. Both durable and economic, this rower provides wind resistance to challenge and push you to improve. With tough nylon straps, this machine is easy to get started.  And when the workout is over it can effortlessly moved and stowed.

When discussing handling knee problems and suitable ways to work out safely, consulting your doctor is always a good idea. The most common mistake when getting back into the exercise arena is doing too much too soon. So pace yourself and have fun!