11 Fun Activities To Do on International Day of Families

Posted by Shane on May 7th 2018

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on International Day of Families? There are so many exciting activities for your family to enjoy this special day.

The International Day of Families was brought about by the United Nations (UN) in 1993 to promote the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy family relationship. What better way to celebrate this special day than enjoying every minute of it with your family?

Every family is unique. Depending on what your family likes to do, we are sure that you’ll pick something from our list of family activities below.

1. Ride a Bike

Spend an afternoon riding a bike with your family. It’s a healthy and fun way to bond with your kids.

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2. Visit a Library

Go to the library and pick out some classics and great bedtime stories you can read for the week. Some libraries also offer fun reading activities like free story time for kids.

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3. Hiking

Connect with nature by taking a hike with your family. If it’s your first time to hike and you’re unsure of what to do, you can contact a local hiking center for guided hikes.

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4. Go Camping

Take the family to the nearest campsite. If you can’t find a camping spot nearby, just pitch a tent in your backyard. Make each moment worthwhile by reading stories or roasting some marshmallows.

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5. Play Board Games

Clear off the table, grab some snacks, and challenge your family to a competitive board game. Choose from the all-time favorites—chess, checkers, or scrabble.

No board game at home? Get some markers and cardboard and create your own family board game.

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6. Enjoy Outdoor Games

Have fun outside and get the neighborhood involved in a fun bean bag toss, bocce ball, croquet, or ladder toss game. It’ll be a fun-filled family day you won’t forget.

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7. Build a Blanket Fort

Take your sleeping bags and blankets to your living room and build a fort for the whole family. Hang some colorful lights and prepare some munchies to make the experience a lot more fun.

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8. Go to the Beach

Pack your swimwear, head over to the nearest beach, and get your much-needed dose of vitamin sea. You can also grill some barbecue while the kids are busy building sand castles.

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9. Explore a New Family Hobby

Learn a new skill or hobby with your kids like pottery, dancing, gardening, or horseback riding. Kids will find it more motivating to explore new things with their parents.

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10. Create a Family Scrapbook

Creating scrapbook is a wonderful way to document your family photos and treasured memories. Let the kids help you organize the photos and decorate the album.


11. Backyard Movie Night

Cap off the day by binge-watching your favorite movies under the stars. Spice up the fun by putting up a snack bar filled with popcorn and candies.

Here’s our list of best family-friendly movies that you and your kids would enjoy https://bit.ly/2qWCdb5.

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The simple things you do with your family makes your relationship healthier and stronger. Always make time for your family and never stop creating happy memories together.

Share with us how your family spends quality time by leaving a comment below.