All About Darts

Posted by Shane on Oct 9th 2017

Darts is a type target game that involves throwing small feathered darts at a circular board fixed to a wall. It is a more than a hundred years old and is thought to have originated in 19th century England, particularly in English inns and taverns in the. It is believed that darts began as a casual match (sometimes involving knife throwing) between soldiers during their interval of rest from battles.


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Through the years, three primary darts governing bodies are formed:

  • The British Darts Organisation (BDO) was formed by Olly Croft in 1973. BDO organized the Embassy World Professional Championships in 1978 which was one of the biggest darts events to date.


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  • The BDO was a major contributor in the formation of the World Darts Federation (WDF) in 1976. It was established by representatives from 15 countries to govern darts internationally.

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  • A split between some professional players and the BDO occurred in 1992 which resulted in the game losing some of its sponsors. These rough times had forced a group of professionals to form the World Darts Council (WDC). During the same period, there was an ongoing legal battle between the BDO and the WDC. WDC won this legal dispute over the rights to darts organization, but the word “World” had to be omitted from its official name. This resulted in the birth of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

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Darts Equipment

The recognized standard size of dart board is 2.37 meters in length and the center of the board is 1.73 meters above the floor. It is commonly made of sisal or cork, and divided into 20 sectors with numbered points ranging from 1 to 20. The dartboard has six rings and each ring has an equivalent point.

The inner bull’s-eye is equivalent to 50 points while the outer bull’s-eye is equal to 25 points. Other rings include: wide single-scoring ring, narrow triple-scoring ring, another wide single-scoring ring, and narrow double-scoring ring.

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How to Play Darts Game


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  1. Upon setup, the center of the bullseye shall be exactly 1.73 meters high from the ground.
  2. The minimum throwing distance shall be 2.37 meters horizontally from the face of the board.
  3. The throwing line shall be at least 18 inches long and be clearly marked.
  4. The order of players will be determined by throwing one dart and whoever gets the closest shot to the bullseye shall throw first in the first leg and in odd alternating legs.
  5. Players must stand at the throw line. They may lean over or step on the line but not allowed to step across.
  6. A player is required to have 3 weighted and feathered darts, each dart measuring about 16m cm or 6 inches long.
  7. A maximum of 3 darts per turn shall be thrown by each player. Re-throwing is not allowed and only darts sticking in the board will be scored.
  8. If a throw misses the board or bounces out, it will still be counted as one throw. However, dropped darts may be thrown again.
  9. As a standard rule, each player shall start with a score of 501. Player’s score is deducted from 501.
  10. The goal is to finish the game as fast as possible and get a score of 0. Note that you need to score a double in order to finish the leg. The score will not be counted if your score exceeded the required total score with three darts.