Bocce Ball: The Up and Coming Ultimate Backyard Game

Bocce Ball: The Up and Coming Ultimate Backyard Game

Posted by Krysia on Oct 26th 2017

Despite the recent technological advances in recreation and fitness, backyard games are still not a thing in the past. Along with croquet, lawn bowling, and horseshoes, just to name a few, bocce is still one of USA's most popular backyard games. This simple game is not only a form of easy exercise but it also promotes socialization as it lets players widely interact in between turns.

However, bocce is not only a backyard game. Many states also play this game in Physical Education classes along with frisbee, pickle ball, and corn hole. Bocce is also a formal competitive sport, requiring a bocce court to be properly played.

History of Bocce

From Egypt to Asia Minor and Rome, Bocce’s popularity trickled down to Europe, to the USA, and to the rest of the world. It was a fun and easy way of entertainment and it can literally be played everywhere, from churches and castles to the city streets. 

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People of all ages and genders have easy access to this simple entertaining game and it quickly became a favorite pastime until it was deemed a distraction from more important social and political duties in the 12th century. After being banned from the lower nobilities, it flourished as a public game in the areas of Holland and Belgium. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Dazadi Bocce Ball Sets

Bocce can be played on any level surface by 2 teams consisting of 2 or 4 or 8 players. The complete game set consists of 8 large balls of different colors and/or patterns, an object ball called Pallino, and a measuring rope.

Dazadi offers 2 types of bocce ball sets. The first type is a 2-color set with 2 deeply carved patterns on each ball. This set is perfect for casual and tournament games.

The other is a multicolored set with 2 deeply carved patterns on each ball. This set is perfect for players of all levels.

So how is this game played?

Free Play Bocce Rules

It starts with a classic coin toss which determines which team will throw the Pallino first. The chosen player in the team throws the Pallino halfway down the designated play area. This player also throws the first bocce ball, aiming to get the ball as close to the Pallino as possible. A player from the next team then throws the next shot. 

Once all 8 balls have been thrown (this is called the end of a frame), it’s now time to record each team’s points. The team closest to the Pallino will get a point for each ball that is closer than the closest opponent’s ball. If a ball touches the Pallino, it is called a “boci”. It is awarded 2 points if it remains touching at the end of each frame.

Courted Bocce Rules

The rules for a courted Bocce Ball game are quite different. These will only apply if the players have access to a Bocce court. It starts with underhandedly throwing the Pallino from behind the pointing foul line. The Pallino must end up across the center line without hitting the backboard. If the thrower fails, the other team gets the chance to throw. Whoever throws the initial Pallino will also throw the first bocce ball. Remember that all balls should be thrown underhand.

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Since this is a courted game, there are quite a few other rules and penalties to consider.

Releasing the ball should only be done at the pointing foul line. Releasing it behind the line is considered a throw for points. If any of the balls are released beyond the pointing foul line and before the hitting line, it is considered a throw to hit or spock other balls. Players must always remember that all bocce balls should be thrown from behind the foul line except when hitting or spocking.

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Each of the succeeding ball should be thrown by the team which do NOT have the ball closest to the Pallino. If the team whose ball ties with the opponent’s closes ball must throw again. Team members can choose the throwing order.

Hitting or spocking is permitted but only after informing the opponent that your team intends to go past the point foul line for hitting or spocking. This certain hit is a hard underhand throw directly at the balls on the court for the purpose of moving the opponent’s balls or the Pallino. The thrown ball not hitting the Pallino or another ball is then removed from the play. If the thrown ball does not hit the Pallino or another ball, it is removed from the play. Likewise, if a team’s legally thrown ball is moved from its original position, whether accidentally or intentionally, that ball is removed from the play.

If the ball hits the backboard without first touching the Pallino or another ball, it is considered a dead ball and also removed from the play.

Scoring is the same with casual play.

Unplug and Unwind the Dazadi Way

With the rise of gaming apps and consoles, people find it harder and harder to take time away from their phones, computers, and televisions. Family relaxation and bonding time is now lounging in front of the television, eating junk food, barely communicating.

Dazadi wants to veer from this norm. Dazadi encourages families to find time and unwind, away from busy work, school, and everyday life. By spending time enjoying simple recreational sports like bocce, families get to bond and be involved in an entertaining fitness activity.