Finding the Best Value Table Tennis Equipment

Finding the Best Value Table Tennis Equipment

Posted by Danielle on Sep 20th 2017

Table Tennis was first known as an indoor, after-dinner game in England around 19th century. It was originally called Ping-Pong and later named Table Tennis following the revival of the old Ping-Pong Association. The early table tennis equipment included rubber or cork balls and bats made from dried animal skins.

The game rapidly rose to fame alongside the organization of table tennis associations and tournaments. Once tagged as “parlor game”, it surprisingly evolved into a popular sport.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed in Berlin in 1926 succeeded by the setout of international table tennis rules. Around this time, balls were made of celluloid and bats were constructed out of rubber sheets attached to wooden blades.

Today, table tennis has become one of the most challenging and prominent games across the globe. It involves agility and active body movements, that’s why a lot of people play it as part of their fitness routine. The sport has progressed enormously throughout the years and with the help of state-of-the-art technology, table tennis will never cease to develop.

Almost everyone is familiar with table tennis as anyone can play it regardless of age and skill level. Undoubtedly, most of us would also choose table tennis to be a staple in our game room and recreational spaces. At some point or another, you’ll get to encounter a bunch of table tennis brands and equipment in the market that will leave you confused on what you’re supposed to buy. But what should really be considered in finding the perfect table tennis accessories and equipment, be it for your game room or outdoor spaces?


First off, make sure that the table is constructed out of durable and heavy-duty materials. The table’s legs must be very sturdy to provide optimum support and withstand even the most intense games. It is also important to pick a foldable table for easy setup and storage. A table with smooth rollers is always a good idea for added convenience and mobility. Below, we list down some of the best table tennis tables for you to choose from:

Gather your family and friends for a fun table tennis match with Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table - Vapor! This table is made from sturdy yet affordable composite aluminum plastic that prevents warping so you don’t have to worry about the rough environment. It is also equipped with a rust-resistant metal undercarriage and trolley system with locking mechanism to ensure stability and easy transport. It is supported by a frame chassis with steel legs and 4 leveler supports to keep it very sturdy and prevent it from wobbling on any type of surface.


Second in our list is the Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Tablethat can definitely meet your criteria for a perfect table. This outdoor table is durable, rust-free, and suitable for all types of weather conditions. It has a 6mm. aluminum composite top and underwent multi-layer paint process to prevent the table from chipping and warping. To ensure durability, this table also has a 30mm. powder-coated steel frame and a 30 x 30 mm. undercarriage. It is also equipped with auto-folding legs, 3-inch lockable casters, and adjustable levelers.


Maintain the look and prolong the life of your table with the use of Harvil Heavy-Duty Indoor Table Tennis Table Cover with Elastic Hems! It is the most practical and efficient way of keeping your table clean and protected from dust and dirt. It is shaped and designed to fit most table tennis tables andis made of highly durable PVC material. Its elastic hems also provide a secure fit over your game table.



You might find yourself faced with a baffling selection of table tennis rackets and contemplating which one you should purchase. Under the official rules of table tennis, the rackets’ blade must be wooden, smoothly flat, and rigid. Whether you are a beginner or competing in tournaments, you’ll need a premium-quality racket for optimum gameplay and to guarantee that the rubbers will not easily peel off and deteriorate due to frequent use and exposure to light, especially when you prefer playing outdoors.

Table tennis balls also play an essential role in achieving smooth and successful play. However, choosing the right set of balls might be tiresome and overwhelming considering the wide array of options created for different purposes. The balls are also available in fun and playful colors and can vary from soft to hard.

At Dazadi, we offer all-in-one rackets and ball kits suitable for all types of play, be it a casual game or a competitive match.

The Harvil 4-player Racket and Ball Set will be your favorite grab-and-go accessory kit as it comes with 4 highly durable rackets, 4 orange balls, 4 white balls, and net posts. Each racket is made of transparent, pips-in rubber with a 1.55mm. yellow sponge and a red edge sponge. Plus, it comes with a nylon storage pack so you can bring it with you to school, the office, and outdoor gatherings as well as to ensure that the rackets are protected against scratches and dust.

Enjoy rounds of fun ping-pong matches whether indoors or outdoors with the Kettler Advantage 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set. This set includes 4 advantage rackets that are perfect for both beginner and intermediate players. Each racket has a pips-in rubber surface and designed with a concave handle. This accessory allows players to effectively experiment with game control, speed, and spin. As a bonus, this set comes with a nylon carrying case so you can take it with you and start casual matches wherever you think is convenient.


Perfectly crafted for both casual and intense games, the Kettler Indoor/Outdoor HALO X Table Tennis Racket Set promises outstanding and maximum performance. This bundle features 1 blue/black racket, 1 red/black racket, and 3-piece , white, regulation size, table tennis balls. The tournament-quality racket is made from high-impact, weather-resistant resin to make sure that the equipment can endure even the harshest outdoor conditions.



Handy and all-around table tennis net set that’s very durable and easy to set up now comes with FREE balls, rackets, and black mesh bag. Switch to your game mode anytime with Harvil Portable and Retractable Table Tennis Net Set To-Go! This set contains a net and post system that strikingly boasts vibrant orange and blue colors plus a black net highlighted by a stylish trim on top. Transform any type of table into a table tennis setup as this retractable net set is complete with 2 plastic rackets and 3 one-star yellow balls. table-tennis-set_RTTN-1__45743.1500703210.1280.1280.jpg

Together with its fascinating history, table tennis has won the hearts of many people as it perfectly combines excitement and challenge in one sport. Show off that skills while having fun and avail our best-quality table tennis items without splurging huge amount of bucks.