Finding The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Posted by Richard on Jun 18th 2017

Father's day is here and it's time to show Dad how much you truly care. He's the first person by your side when you got hurt at soccer and your biggest fan when you made the team. He's the one you turn to for advice and for a shoulder to lean on when you need it. He'll ground you for your own good but he's always a phone call away when you need a ride home. Dads are big reasons why we are who we who we are and a thoughtful gift this Father's Day is a great way to show him how much you appreciate everything he's done for you.

Here at Dazadi, we love helping people find that perfect gift and we have a wide range of amazing products we think would be great for Dads. Here are 8 awesome gift ideas for different tastes and budgets. Whether your father is a fitness enthusiast, a tireless competitor or even a dyed-in-the-wool nerd, there’s something in here that he will love.

For Active Dads:

1) First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower with Adjustable Resistance - Apollo Pro II 

Take care of Dad's heart the way he took care of yours with this rowing machine from First Degree Fitness. Rowing is one of the more effective cardio routines out there and with this water rower's adjustable resistance, it's perfect for both fitness buffs and Dads who are just taking their first steps toward a more active lifestyle.

2) Schwinn A.C. Sport Indoor Cycle Bike

The best way to show Dad he's always in our heart is to make sure he takes care of his. If he wants something more familiar, try this indoor exercise bike from Schwinn. Featuring innovative virtual contact resistance technology coupled with a chain-drive system, this awesome piece of exercise equipment also has resistance levels that can be adjusted in small increments. It will be a fine addition to the family home gym.

3) Stamina InMotion Compact Elliptical Trainer with Upper Body Cord

To make sure he can work out anytime, give Dad something more portable (but still effective at burning calories), like this compact elliptical trainer. With this nifty exercise machine, he doesn't even need to go to the gym. He can squeeze in some exercise during a busy day and tone his legs while sitting at his desk.

For Competitive Dads:

1) Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

Shoot the lights out with this arcade-style basketball game. With two steel hoops, six 7-inch basketballs, and an electronic scoring system, the Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game is equipped with everything your Dad needs to relive those hoop dreams, but this time let HIM win the big game!

2) Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table

If soccer is more your Dad's style, try the full-size Beachcomber foosball table by Harvil. It is a stylish game table that'll look great in his game room. Moreover, it has pockets for easy ball retrieval, durable and molded foosball men, silver scoring units and even integrated drink holders to keep the suds safe.

3) Harvil 100mm Bocce Ball Set

For awesome outdoor fun, Harvil's Bocce Ball sets can't be beat. This throwing game traces its origins back to Ancient Rome and is still being played all over the world. This Bocce set comes with 8 balls, a smaller white jack ball, a measuring rope and a handy nylon carrying case so Dad can bring the fun with him wherever he goes.

For Geeky Dads:

1) Namco Pac Man's Arcade Party Cocktail Game with Black Cabinet

Let dad rediscover the joy of playing classic arcade games with this Pac Man game cabinet. For anyone with fond memories of playing coin-operated video games, having an actual arcade machine in their game room will be the ultimate gift. The game doesn't require coins making it a geeky dad's dream come true.

2) Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine - Limited Edition

Seize the Iron Throne with this Game of Thrones Pinball machine. Play as a Knight of one of the houses of Westeros and be guided by the Hounds as he lends his voice to this awesome arcade game. With a Daenerys and Mereen mirrored backglass design and a motorized, animated, interactive dragon this is the ultimate gift for the GOT-obsessed Dad. Make him a pinball hero again!

One of these 8 items would be a great way to tell Dad how much you care. It's a perfect thank you for all those times he picked you up when you fell, made you laugh when you were down and said exactly what you needed to hear to get through a difficult time. This Father’s day show your dad how much you with something special from Dazadi.