Fun Back-To-School Activities

Fun Back-To-School Activities

Posted by Shane on Jul 26th 2018

Summer is wrapping up and the start of another school year is fast-approaching. Kids will soon be busy with their schoolwork but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other activities in their after school time!

Read on to see our list of fun activities to keep your kids active even after a long day in school.

1. Tabletop Games

After their homework, of course, and instead of watching TV or losing them to a phone or tablet, kids can enjoy playtime by playing tabletop games to blow off steam and work their eye hand coordination.. Board games are a classic choice but you may also opt for tabletop billiards, air hockey, or foosball game tables. These fun, games are also a great way to spend quality time with the kids. Maybe after a great game of foosball, they may even relax enough to tell you about their day.

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2. Write A Poem

Writing poems is a creative way for kids to express themselves. It also allows them to share their thoughts and emotions while enhancing cognitive skills.

3. Baking

Your kids will have fun baking delicious desserts with you after a long day at school. Prepare easy recipes and let them decorate their own cupcakes, cookies, or muffins.

4. Engage In Sports

Engage your kids in sports like baseball and basketball to help channel their energy while getting healthy. Participating in organized sports can also teach your kids to interact with peers and how to deal with failures.

Baseball is a great activity to develop hand-eye coordination and concentration.

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Let your children play basketball to learn physical coordination and body control through fast-paced offense and defense.

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5. Backyard Games

Get the kids outside! Make the most out of your backyard or patio and let your kids play popular outdoor games they will surely love. After long hours at a desk, they deserve some outdoor fun by themselves or with friends. Giant outdoor chess and checkers set can help sharpen kid’s strategic thinking and logic.

Kettler Junior Giant Chess and Checkers Complete Set ($179.99)

6. Dance Sessions

Looking for a workout alternative for your little ones? Dancing is an interesting choice! Amp up your dance sessions with fun games and incorporate your kids’ favorite songs to motivate them.

7. Classic Arcade Games

OK, so technically this is a digital device, but it beats a phone or ipad right?! Play all your favorite arcade games with the kids and help them know what it was like to be you as a kid.. What better way to spend leisure time than playing classic games from your past like Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Galaga with your children.

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After-school activities work wonders for child’s growth and development. These fun activities will not only keep them entertained but will also improve their overall coordination, social skills, competence, and confidence. Not to mention that fact that you will be the coolest parents on your block!