Health-promoting Benefits of Sauna

Health-promoting Benefits of Sauna

Posted by Shane on Oct 23rd 2017

What’s better and more comforting than staying in a steamy sauna and sweating all your stress and anxieties away? Sweating is an effective way to detoxify and burn calories. It’ll also help you relax and unwind both physically and mentally.

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Saunas are usually small spaces or rooms with dry or wet steamers. Ideally, it is recommended to drink a glass of water before enjoying a sauna session and to spend around 15 to 20 minutes steaming. Note that there is a risk of skin damage if you experience continuous heat or steaming for a longer time. Regardless of its restrictions, sauna offers lots of health-promoting benefits.

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  • Sauna detoxifies the body

    Many of us do not have ample time to actively sweat every day, especially when we have tons of errands to accomplish on a daily basis. Sauna allows the body to undergo deep sweating which also stimulates the body’s sweat glands. Deep sweating can help release the harmful toxins in our body.
  • Sauna relieves stress

    Stress reduction is among the top reasons for the popularity of saunas around the world. The warm, peaceful, and quiet ambiance in a sauna room relaxes muscles, stimulates the release of endorphins, and improves overall blood circulation.
  • Sauna burns calories

    Regular sauna bathing is one of the most effective ways to lose weight that doesn’t require so much effort. Studies claim that a 20-minute sauna session can burn around 500 calories. Similar to the effect of physical exercise, sauna also speeds up the body’s metabolism.
  • Sauna helps boost the immune system
    Sauna sessions strengthen one’s immune system by helping in the production of white blood cells. White blood cells protect the body against infection and diseases. Regular sauna sessions promote higher count of white blood cells, thus, making the body healthier and stronger.
  • Sauna improves skin

    Deep sweating sauna improves blood flow to our skin, which helps remove the dead skin cells and promote the growth of new skin cells.
  • Sauna lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

    Sauna can help keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It contributes to the improvement of one’s cardiovascular and circulatory functions, and lowers blood pressure.
  • Sauna offers recreational and social benefits

    Apart from its health-promoting benefits, sauna session provides a relaxing environment for you to socialize and make new friends.
  • Sauna improves sleep quality

    The calming heat of sauna effectively induces deeper sleep after regular sessions.

Sauna offers a pampering and relaxing experience that you and your family can enjoy while boosting your overall health.