How to Find the Perfect Furniture for Your Outdoor Spaces

Posted by Krysia on Jul 18th 2017

Summer has finally come and as temperatures heat up, more and more people are getting outside to soak up much needed vitamin D. While some people prefer the beach, others opt to stay and unwind at home.

Whether you plan to relax by yourself or invite friends over for a party or get together, furniture is essential in giving your outdoor spaces a cozy, stylish ambience. Dazadi has everything you need for summer lounging fun! From sofas, to tables, chairs, and loungers, you name it, we’ve got you covered!

However, choosing the best patio furniture that will best suit your spaces takes time and thoughtful planning. Check out these tips to further help you decide on the kind of furniture to buy.

 1. Consider the weather in your area

Despite having the "outdoor use" label, not all outdoor furniture can withstand extreme weather conditions. Sealed and trusted wood are good outdoor furniture choices because of their classic and rustic look, but most of the time, extreme hot and dry weather cause it to splinter and crack. Wood is also harder to maintain compared to other materials. 

If your area is constantly humid or frequented by rains, furniture made of plastic, rattan, or wicker is the best choice.

2. Identify where and what the furniture will be used for

Since the furniture you’ll be choosing will be adorning your patios, garden, and other outdoor living spaces for a long time, it should fit your needs or the area you’ll be using it for. Will you be placing it at the garden, near the pool, or out in the sun?

Once you’ve determined the placement of your furniture, you have to think what exactly will be you be using it for. Will it be for personal or recreational use? Are you planning on entertaining guests or holding gatherings?

After identifying these, it’s finally time to consider how much care you are willing to appropriate for your furniture.

Wood - Natural wood looks very attractive in outdoor furnishings. It’s sturdy and easily convertible for indoor use. However, wood requires regular treatment with preservatives. If you wish to get a wood outdoor piece, teak, redwood, cypress, and cedar are the best choices as they are more weather-resistant than others.

Steel and wrought iron - Metal furniture look modern and edgier. They’re also heavy duty and weatherproof for the most part. But rust is the primary problem with metal. Furniture made of this material require constant repainting and/or treatment.

Aluminum, plastic and PVC - Furniture made out of these materials are the best choice for people looking for affordable and low-maintenance goods. They are rustproof, lightweight, and can easily be cleaned using soap and water. The only drawback is that they may be too unheavy and strong winds may send your furniture flying.

Rattan, wicker and natural grasses - These materials are possibly the best choice for outdoor furniture. The natural materials look pretty amazing especially when they have been treated with a resin finish. It’s the perfect match for your outdoor spaces and only require additional weatherproofing every couple of years.

3. Pay attention to comfort

Your outdoor furniture will be used for relaxation so make it as comfortable as possible. Do not disregard comfort just because a piece is affordable or looks good. If the furniture you have your eye on does not have cushions, you could always buy separate cushions. Just make sure that the fabric is made specifically for outdoor use or it will fade or grow mold after a few days of exposure under the sun or rain. 

Also take into consideration recliners or loungers as they are great for relaxing outdoors. It would be best of you could try out the furniture before buying it.

Here are some of Kettler’s cushioned outdoor sets:

Kettler’s Lakena Lounge Set It can sit up to 4 people. This set is made of rattan wicker and like the Lissabon Set, comes with water and fade resistant cushions.


Kettler Lakena Lounge Set

Another option is this dining set from Kettler:


Kettler TIffany 5-Piece Patio Furniture Set

It comfortably sits 4 people and comes with detachable weather-resistant cushions. The square table included in the set also has an umbrella hole that fits most patio umbrellas.

4. Look for multipurpose and flexible pieces.

Versatility is key for making the most out of your space and budget. If you have a relatively small space, consider getting sectional furnitures and dual-purpose chairs and tables.

The Kettler Ottoman is the perfect piece as it doubles as extra seating and also as a simple bench for either lounging or dining.


Kettler Ottoman

Another option for a flexible/multipurpose set is the Kettler Lissabon Sectional Set. It’s perfect for entertaining guests and is made with weather-proof wicker material. It comfortably sits 6 people and can easily be disassembled, leaving you with 2 section chairs and a 45-degree corner wedge. This set is made of rattan wicker and also comes with water and fade resistant cushions.


Kettler Lissabon Sectional Set

Kettler’s Patio Chair is just one of Dazadi’s newest addition to its selection of polymer-made furniture. Not only is it weather-proof, this versatile German-made chair can also be adjusted into 16-positions. You can use it on its own or you could pair this with your other existing patio furniture.

Kettler Patio Chair.jpg

5. Budget, budget, budget

Now that you've got the essentials mapped out, it's time to align it with your budget. Never buy furniture you cannot afford. Whether not you are economizing, you can always find options that will be the best value for your money.

If brand new furniture is too expensive for you, you can always wait for a sale or even check out yard sales or thrift stores. You can always consider pieces made of less expensive materials if you would still like brand new furniture. Aluminum and plastic are some of the most affordable yet sturdy materials widely used in outdoor furniture-making. Opting for these materials over wicker, resin, or wood will help you save you hundreds of dollars.

Now that you’ve got all of these figured out, it’s now time to find that perfect piece to outfit your outdoor spaces. Get out and enjoy summertime with your family and friends.