The Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise

Posted by Shane on Aug 14th 2018

The secret to staying young? It’s not the expensive anti-aging creams or treatments your favorite celebrities are splurging on. Did you know that you can achieve younger overall health even in the comfort of your own home?

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Physical activity is not only limited to achieving your ideal weight or shedding extra pounds, but it is also a key in improving quality of life. It benefits our physical and mental health and also protects us against the wear and tear of aging.

A study authored by Ahmed Elhakeem, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Bristol, (published in the Journal of the American Heart Association) suggests that older people who spent more time moving show fewer signs of heart disease. Two popular forms of exercise — cardio and strength training — have shown anti-aging effects that keep our heart and brain young.

Cardio workout or aerobic exercise helps pump the heart, while strength training prevents our aging muscles from weakening as we grow older. Research also found that adults who workout four to five times a week experienced improvement in their heart’s performance.

Rowers provide great aerobic exercises that effectively boost cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, burn fat and calories, improve posture, and strengthen back and shoulders all at the same time.

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Dumbbell workouts can help ease your way through strength training and let you customize your own fitness routine. Dumbbells are also perfect for home use to achieve regular weight training exercises at your own pace and time.

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Regular workout also shows benefits for our brain. It improves processing speed and enhances skills such as attentiveness and time management.

One of the many factors that trigger the aging process is stress. It’s our body’s way of responding to daily environmental demands and pressures in life. Stress is inevitable and everyone feels burnt-out at times, but exercise can actually help keep stress under control. Working out can improve one’s mood and reduce signs of anxiety and depression.

No doubt! Regular exercise has a lot of good things to offer. Even just 15 minutes of workout a day can keep you looking youthful and prevent the risks of age-related diseases.

Boost your overall health and feel young by starting your workout plan today. Skip those anti-aging creams and feel good at any age by making time for your favorite fitness routine.