​We Know What You Tried …This LABOR DAY

​We Know What You Tried …This LABOR DAY

Posted by Ber on Sep 1st 2017

Every family across the nation will celebrate Labor Day in their own way. For those opting to stay local and near their homes, a great picnic is an awesome way to spend the holiday. Head outdoors, fire up the BBQ and wait for fireworks. To fill in time, challenge family and friends to a bit of fun competition. Hours of engaging games always spell great memories and epic photos none of you will live down.

We have a few suggestions that involve sports that does not include the word “football”. Yes, the start of the football season will have to take a backseat for at least a day. No apps, passwords, or log-ins needed, let’s chuck technology too. We could use some simple fun, don’t you think?

This folding Cornhole Set by Harvil ($34.99) cannot get any easier to set up. It’s lightweight and has all the same fun elements as a classic cornhole. Take turns throwing those bean bags and may the best team or individual win.

See your parents or grandparents faces light up when you bring out the Harvil 100MM Bocce Ball Set ($49.99). It’s a classic game that’s easy to learn and with this set having the classic red and green colors, prepare to walk down memory lane.

Bring this portable Tabletop Air Hockey Table by Harvil ($49.99) outside and from the moment you set it down, it’ll be snatched up and played with eagerly. It plays like a normal sized air hockey game tables only this is much challenging and exciting.

Young adults will always want to shoot some hoops to show off those skills. And by setting-up the Rolbak Return Net ($99.99), you can make a simple game into a shooting training, too. No need to worry about errant balls knocking the BBQ grill off its legs.

For the boys and girls who are still a bit too young for the real hardcourt, team up in 2s and combine scores by playing an arcade-style basketball game. The Double-Swish by Harvil ($109.99) is complete with an electronic scorer and 8 different game options to conquer. Even the adults might sneak in a game or two.

Can you solve the case faster than anyone? The Clue Luxury Edition Board Game ($199) is a fun board game for anyone who loves mystery and problem solving. It’s engaging and entertaining. Having a poker face pays too!

No one will be able to resist playing on this folding 9 Foot Table Tennis Table by Harvil ($399.99). It rolls easily to where you want to set it and it comes with complete accessories. It’s also an amazing table to play on. Paddle up and serve!

Go Big…literally. A giant Chess and Checkers Set by Kettler ($699.99) will certainly be a crowd pleaser and no one will even notice the time as they move almost life-size pawns around. If that doesn’t trump football, we still have a few more that will.