First Team Basketball Threaded Floor Socket - FT50

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Item Number: 53201

Get the First Team Basketball Threaded Floor Socket - FT50 for your goal systems on standard flooring. It features a spring-loaded core that fits a 1/2 inch bolt. This anchor piece can be used for concrete or below floating floors. Moreover, it is applicable to the following units as well: Hurricane Triumph-ST and Tempest Triumph-ST. Such units are greatly stable and durable enough not to tip when players make dunks or hang on the rim, thus rear hold-downs are not necessarily needed. However, if you desire your unit to be anchored, purchase this item today! Avail a First Team Basketball Threaded Floor Socket - FT50 now for an added safety precaution.
  • Steel Basketball Goal Mounting Anchor Has Spring Loaded Core & 1/2'' Bolt
  • Basketball Equipment Designed For Standard Flooring
  • Can Be Used On Concrete Or Below Floating Floors
  • Applies To Hurricane & Tempest Triumph-ST Units
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Against Defects
Manufacturer\'s Warranty Against Defects