First Team Original Airball Grabber (formerly Defender Net) - FT22

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Item Number: 53200

The First Team Defender Basketball Retention Net - FT22 is an excellent training aid, most especially for varsity teams. With this accessory, you can maximize playing or practice time as it catches stray shots or passes! Moreover, it promotes safety as well for passers-by or for your neighbor's property. What's more is it suits all First Team pole mounted basketball goals. It is lightweight and can be installed easily in 9 steps. In addition, it already comes with materials for assembly. These include a Mounting Bracket, 4 Drilling Screws, 5 Fiberglass Rods, 15 Plastic Cable Ties and 2 Ground Stakes. Get a First Team Defender Basketball Retention Net - FT22 today!
  • Featuring The Basketball Airball Grabber For Training Players
  • Basketball Net Catches Stray Shots Or Passes
  • Maximizes Playing/Practice Time
  • Serves As A Safety As Well
  • W/ Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Includes Complete Assembly Materials
Limited Lifetime Manufacturer\'s Warranty