First Team Gymnasium Glass Basketball Backboard - FT233

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Item Number: 53162

The First Team Gymnasium Glass Basketball Backboard - FT233 is a great choice for practice games or friendly matches among friends. It features a fan-shaped makeup and is made with 54'' x 39'' x 1/2'' thick tempered glass, making it perform better than 3/8 models. Another feature is its curved framework of aluminum construction which adds to excellent playing characteristics and a rigid structure. The shooter's square is colored white and is of regulation size, the goal mounting pattern measures 5 by 5 inches, while the rear end allows for industry standard 20'' x 35'' mounting. In addition, cushioned steel plates sandwich the glass with tubular steel bushings for mounting bolts to pass through. Get the First Team Gymnasium Glass Basketball Backboard - FT233 today and start practicing those free throws!
  • Basketball Backboard Dimensions: 54'' x 39'' / Approximate Weight: 120 Lbs
  • Featuring A First Team Basketball Backboard Made W/ Tempered Glass
  • Basketball Equipment Allows For 20'' x 35'' Mounting
  • Goal Mount Is 5 By 5 Inches
  • 10 Years Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Includes Curved Aluminum Frame And Regulated Shooter's Square
10 Years Limited Manufacturer\'s Warranty