Giant Connect Four 4 - 4' Tall

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Item Number: 91801

Put your tactical skills to the test against your best opponent with this awesome jumbo version of the classic ring drop game.The 4 in a Row Game Set by Tumbling Towers is a wooden board that is beautifully finished with cool gray legs and frame. It comes with 21 yellow and 21 cyan wood coins that 2 players or 2 teams of players can use during play. This made in the USA set can be easily set up indoors or outdoors making it perfect for any location - at home, in the backyard or even on school grounds. It is a fun game for everyone to enjoy. Just connect 4 wood coins in a row and win the game when you purchase this cool set from Dazadi.
  • PERFECT INTERACTIVE GAME - Even between 2 players or 2 groups of players, playing this game develops precision, teamwork and fosters friendships. Just connect 4 wood coins in a row and win the game!
  • OVERSIZED YET DURABLE - Wooden board is made of quality wood with legs and frame beautifully finished in cool gray color.
  • COMPLETE WITH COLORED PUCKS - 21 yellow and 21 cyan colored coins are included in this set. They are made of quality wood and can stand the drops you and your opponents with be making throughout each game.
  • EASY TO SET UP - Set-up this giant 4-in-a-Row game set either indoors or outdoors easily and your family and friends will enjoy playing with it for hours.
  • FOR ALL AGES - Kids and adult can enjoy this life-sized 4-in-a-row set - perfect for play dates and parties.