Ground Sleeve for 4'' Square Pole First Team Basketball Hoops

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Item Number: 10357

The Ground Sleeve for 4'' Square Pole First Team Basketball Hoops helps make the installation of First Team direct bury basketball system easier and allows you remove the pole should you ever want to move the basketball hoop. Instead of directly burying the First Team pole in the ground, you can cement this sleeve instead. Once the cement dries, simply slide the pole into the sleeve. Fits all First Team 4'' direct bury poles and most other 4'' direct bury poles.
  • Ground sleeve for 4 Inch direct bury posts
  • Makes post removal easy
  • Sleeves cements in place and post fits inside
  • Post secures inside sleeve via eight tension bolts
  • Sleeve buries 36 Inches below playing surface
  • Product weight: 42 Lbs
  • 5 Year manufacturers superior warranty

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  • 5
    A Solid Base For A Hoop

    Posted by Sven on Sep 10th 2011

    This ground sleeve required a 36 inch deep hole to set it, which is the most difficult thing. Once the hole was dug it was very stable, very strong, and very easy to adjust for height vertical alignment. I used crushed stone inside the sleeve to support the pole at the right height. Nice product.

  • 5
    Very Sturdy

    Posted by Jimbo on Nov 2nd 2007

    The sleeve made it much easier to install the main basketball pole straight.