Harvil 2-Pack Water Saddle Pool Float Extra Thick 1.5-Inch with High Back Support and Integrated Handle - Aqua

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Surprise a friend or family member with the 2-Pack Extra Thick Water Saddle Pool Float by Harvil. Each pool float is made of 1.5-inch thick closed-cell foam which is non-absorbent, lightweight, U.V, chlorine, and mildew resistant. No inflation required. The saddle has a high back, a full 20 inches in length, for optimum support and added stability for the body. The Harvil extra thick water float will not chip, peel, break, fade or bleed and comes in Royal Blue, Aqua, Yellow and Lime Green colors. Each saddle float has a recommended maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and can be enjoyed by kids and adults. This pool saddle allows the user to de-stress, float easily, socialize and have fun hands and legs-free. It can even be used for therapeutic exercises, water aerobics and other water-related activities that require a pliable but heavy-duty floatation equipment. Proudly made in the USA, this must-have pool chair has an integrated handle for easy carrying and comes with a lifetime buoyancy guarantee. Buy this 2-pack pool float from Dazadi now and get free shipping with your purchase.

  • UNSINKABLE CLOSED-CELL FOAM - Each float is made of 1.5-inch thick closed-cell foam that has a  20% more buoyancy. The non-absorbent dense material is lightweight, has the best buoyancy and no inflation is required! Approximate Dimension for each float: 35 L x 17.5 W x 1.5 H inches/ Weight per float: 1 pound.   
  • FOREVER FLOAT - The water saddle will not chip, break, fade, peel, bleed or sink. The color is in the foam, not just painted on the foam so there are no seams that might crack and separate. Comes in vibrant Royal Blue, Aqua, Yellow and Lime Green colors. Features a criss-cross design. Perfect for any age. 
  • HANDS-FREE FUN - The pool saddle cradles your body, providing superior stability and comfort.  A full 20-inch length of foam supports the backside. Perfect for in-pool or poolside seating that fosters friendly conversations hands and legs-free.
  • PACK OF 2 POOL FLOATS AND PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A. -  The float has a soft, smooth and comfortable surface that is U.V., chlorine and mildew-resistant for years of use.  It even has an integrated handle for easy carrying. 
  • HARVIL EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME BUOYANCY GUARANTEE - We stand behind our product’s ability to float – forever.  The exact buoyancy of the saddle depends on the weight of the person using it, but the saddle itself, will always float!  Items ship free to your door without defect and/or shipping damage or we'll replace it for free. 1 year limited warranty for manufacturers’ defects.