Giant 54-Piece Wooden Stacking Game with Wooden Case

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Item Number: 91800

Surprise your best buddies with this giant-sized tumbling tower game at your next weekend outdoor party. There are 54 pieces of 10.5-inch long blocks for the 18 rows that you and your friends can strategically move, remove and balance. The jumbo stack starts at 2.5 feet tall and stacks up to 5 feet tall during play. This oversized set comes with a wooden case for easy storage and it's all made in the USA. Add this jumbo tumbling tower to your must-play list with your group of friends. Buy from Dazadi now and get FREE SHIPPING.
  • PERFECT GAME OUTDOORS - Form groups and play against each other in your backyard, the local park or at any outdoor space. It is a sure crowd pleaser.
  • OVERSIZED YET DURABLE - All 54 pieces of blocks are made from quality and sustainable wood. It stacks from 2.5 Feet to 5 Feet tall.
  • COMES WITH WOODEN STORAGE CASE - Keep your set neat and orderly with a wooden storage case. It will keep your blocks ready for the next game.
  • FREE SHIPPING - Buy this jumbo tumbling tower from Dazadi today and enjoy free shipping with your purchase.