Imperial Ergonomic Red Video Gaming Rocker Chair

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Item Number: 91704


Bring your gaming experience to the next level with Imperials' new and improved gaming chair. The ergonomically designed seat offers optimum comfort for your extended gaming sessions. It also minimizes fatigue and discomfort from sitting for long periods of time. For ensured durability, this rocker has been fortified with a sturdy base and a padded hardwood frame. The stylish microfiber and mesh fabric upholstery does not only feel extra soft, it is also easy to clean. Whether your gaming, reading books, watching movies, or even just chilling, its smooth rocking motion feels great and relaxing. The awesomeness does not only end there! This chair also folds down in half to a mere 15-inch high, making storage and even transport convenient. So satisfy your gaming needs and get this rocker gaming chair at Dazadi today!

  • ULTIMATE ROCKER CHAIR FOR THE ULTIMATE GAMER - The Imperial gaming seat is constructed with a sturdy base and padded hardwood frame that ensures long lasting durability. Product dimensions: 17 L x 16 W x 29.6 H Inches. Weight: 25.5 Pounds.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE - The upholstery is made with microfiber and mesh fabric making it no only extremely soft but also very easy to clean.
  • OPTIMUM COMFORT FOR LONG GAMING SESSIONS - Ergon0mically designed to be comfortable to sit on for long hours of gaming. It also minimizes fatigue and discomfort.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CHAIR - Not only is the rocker seat perfect for long gaming sessions, it's also perfect for reading books, watching movies, and simply relaxing.
  • PRACTICAL AND SPACE-SAVING - Chair can be folded in half to just 15-inches high, making it easy to store and even transport.