Pool Float by TRC Recreation, Super Soft - Orange Breeze

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Item Number: 67855


The Pool Float by TRC Recreation, Super Soft - Orange Breeze is a classic flotation device with a contemporary design! This swim mat features reversible surfaces: a comfortable glossy smooth side and honeycomb-textured side. Flip it according to your mood! This water float is made of super soft, vinyl-coated, closed-cell foam for a non-absorbent and buoyant mat. This pool floatie also has a full circle pillow for extra buoyancy and durability. Enjoy 1 year limited warranty and free shipping when you avail this awesome product! So what are you waiting for? Buy the Pool Float by TRC Recreation, Super Soft - Orange Breeze today!

  • Swim Float Dimensions: 72'' L x 26'' W x 2'' H / Weight: 13 Lbs
  • Water Float Constructed Out Of Super Soft, Vinyl-Coated, Closed-Cell Foam For A Non-Absorbent And Buoyant Mat
  • Featuring A Full Circle Pillow For Extra Buoyancy And Durability
  • Comes With Reversible Surfaces: A Comfortable Glossy Smooth Side And A Honeycomb-Textured Side
  • Enjoy 1 Year Limited Warranty
1 Year Limited Warranty