Pool Volleyball Net - Spike N' Splash System by Pool Shot

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Item Number: 60252

Jump into your pool and equip it with the Spike N' Splash Pool Volleyball Net by Pool Shot. This volleyball net is designed with rugged plastic construction that can withstand the most intense plays. Worry not about leaving it outside, the volleyball system can also withstand any weather conditions. Featuring its anti-tumbling designed plastic bases, you won't have to worry about installing ground anchors. Just fill up the bases with water or sand and your pool volleyball system will virtually be anchored to the deck. In addition, the all-weather net can go over 12 feet to 20 feet pools. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy playing your favorite sport non-stop in the pool, and rain or shine. Get this on Dazadi today!
  • POOL VOLLEYBALL NET DIMENSIONS: Pole: 50 inches; Net support diameter: 2.38 inches; Base: 35 x 6 x 22 inches; Net length: 240 inches; Deck space required at pool edge: 35 W x 22 D inches; Net adjusts to smaller sizes: 216, 192, 168, 144 inches / Dry support weight: 15 pounds; with Water: 140 pounds; Empty base: 10 pounds; Water capacity of each base: 140 pounds.
  • DESIGNED FOR INTENSE PLAY AND ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS: This outdoor net is designed with a rugged plastic construction which features 2 bases that are rotationally molded from UV-resistant polyethylene and supported by stainless steel hardware (some aluminum). The swimming game net is made from nylon material, and the rounded aluminum supports are powder coated for durability.
  • COMES WITH 1 VINYL VOLLEYBALL: This pool game volleyball set includes 1 white vinyl volleyball that is perfect for water use.
  • WARRANTY - 1 year manufacturer's warranty