René Pierre Foosball Table Player - Grey

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Item Number: 62074

Playing foosball anywhere, at a sports bar, in a rec room, or in your man cave, takes your endorphin level from zero to a hundred within the next minute. Against any opponent, it's your chosen football table players that you move to kick, push and pull to strike a goal. The excitement is a rush. So, your men need to be in top form to get more goals. René Pierre's foosball table players are made of aluminum alloy which makes them strong and easy to maneuver. Details such as the uniform, which comes in the color grey, plus an actual game face are hand-painted. It is compatible with Rene Pierre's Match Black, Match White, and Club foosball tables. They are easy to replace with your old, beat-up men and can be cleaned easily. As a bonus, it comes with a manufacturer's warranty plus shipping is free when you purchase it from Dazadi. The foosball table players fit in 0.55-inch diameter rods and within the next minute, you'll resume your foosball game dominance.
  • Foosball Table players are strong and easy to maneuver
  • Uniform and game face are hand-painted
  • Football table players come in the color gray
  • Compatible with René Pierre's Match Black, Match White, and Club foosball tables
  • Fits 0.55-inch diameter foosball table rod