Stratos 2-Seater Steerable Sled with Differential Steering System and Deep Digging Brake by Gizmo Riders - Monster Pink

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Item Number: 92339

Finally, a heavy-duty sledge that gives riders a great way to stay in control and still fuel their need for speed. The Stratos Steerable Sled by Gizmo Riders is an innovative snow machine made of UV-resistant plastic that doesn’t have any metals and screws. There is no fear of corrosion and parts all just click-on place. It boasts of a deep digging brake with spring and a differential steering system. With the use of the steering wheel, this system allows riders to keep high speeds in corners safely. The Stratos also has an automatic self-retracting cable tow rope for easy handling and the unit can seat 2 people. Choose from vibrant colors Electric Blue, Monster Pink, Mystic Black and Racing Red to stand out from the crowd and zoom away on the snow. The Stratos is produced in the Czech Republic by Plastkon and exclusively distributed in the US by Dazadi, Inc. Buy now from Dazadi and get Free Shipping with your purchase.
  • UV-RESISTANT SNOW EQUIPMENT - Crafted out of UV-resistant plastic that is unyielding to low temperatures (up to -30 degrees C), this snow sled is a well-crafted machine which can be enjoyed outdoors by adults and kids as young as 3 years old. Maximum Weight Capacity: 198.41 pounds.
  • DIFFERENTIAL STEERING SYSTEM - Maintain high speed in corners smoothly in this steerable sled as each ski underneath can turn at a different angle. So you can carve corners with the same ease as a professional.
  • DEEP DIGGING BRAKE SYSTEM - Rider safety is assured in this snow sled with seat with its effective brake system. Reach for the brake handle easily as it is positioned just below the steering wheel.
  • AVAILABLE IN 4 VIBRANT COLORS - Stand-out from the crowd with either your Electric Blue, Monster Pink, Mystic Black or Racing Red Stratos and your family and friends will want one of their own.
  • DAZADI EXCLUSIVE - The Stratos Steerable Sled is produced in the Czech Republic by Plastkon and exclusively distributed in the US by Dazadi, Inc. Buy from Dazadi and get Free Shipping. Product Dimensions: 38.58 L x 22.04 W x 9.05 H inches/ Weight: 8.70 pounds