WaterRower S1 Indoor Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor and Self-Regulating Resistance

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Get the WaterRower S1 Indoor Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor for your home gym! This exercise equipment aims to develop the muscles in the arms, legs, back, and glutes. It's the perfect workout as if you're actually driving a boat with oars. Its construction features a stainless steel makeup with brushed finish--giving it high durability. Moreover, this fitness machine boasts a patented water flywheel responsible for its natural rowing dynamic. Enjoy self-regulating resistance levels--making it suitable for individuals with joint concerns, along with little maintenance required by replacing the chlorine tablet every 2-6 months. Other specifications include maximum user weight and height of 1000 pounds and 38-inch inseam. What's more, this rower comes with the S4 performance monitor that displays intensity, Kcalories per hour, Strokerate, Heartrate, and more! So avail a WaterRower S1 Indoor Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor today and enjoy free shipping!
  • IDEAL WORKOUT EQUIPMENT - The indoor rowing machine is designed with stainless steel makeup with brushed stainless steel finish which offers higher durability and perfect for your everyday training. Dimensions: 82.25 x 22.25 x 19.63 inches / Weight: (Empty Tank) 88 pounds; (with 171 Liters of Water): 125 pounds; Maximum User Weight and Height: 1000 pounds x 38 inches Inseam.
  • LIFE-LIKE WATER ROWING EXPERIENCE - Equipped with a patented water flywheel for its natural rowing dynamic, and with its self-regulating resistance, this fitness machine is suitable for any user and it feels like driving an actual boat with oars. Storage Dimensions (On End): 19.63 x 22.25 x 82.25 inches; Entry Height: 12 inches.
  • TRACK YOUR FITNESS GOALS - This exercise machine features an intelligent S4 performance monitor that displays calories per hour, stroke rate, heart rate, and more! Plus this fitness equipment only requires little maintenance (Tablets Available From Manufacturer Free Of Charge).
  • WARRANTY AND FREE SHIPPING - Enjoy 1 Year Commercial Warranty (Upgradeable To 3-Year Parts While 5-Year Frames Are Free Of Charge With Registration). Purchase from Dazadi and enjoy free shipping as well!