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Worldwise Imports Chinese Checkers

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Classic Chinese Checkers board game!
  • Wood Board: 12'' Diameter / Weight: 3.25 lbs.
  • Includes Glass Marbles / Storage Pouch

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  1. Quick, fun traditional game

    Posted by sabby on Jun 7th 2009

    I'd never played Chinese Checkers; I first got hooked on this game at a friend's house. She won all of the first four games we played. The next time we played, I won all of three games. I liked how simple the instructions are to explain and pick up. I like how I can develop a strategy, where I plan my next moves, not quite like Chess, because there is more randomness to Chinese Checkers. There is a challenge and instant gratification from getting as many possible hops accross the board in one move. A couple marbles were defective, with chips out of them, or other irregularities, and the board had some glue visible on it, with slight defects in the wood, but otherwise the quality, though imperfect, was acceptable. The color of the marbles is bright and the glass is pretty. The holes hold the marbles. So, I'm pleased with the set.

  2. Simple but challenging game

    Posted by sabby on May 19th 2009

    I play one-on-one with a friend and enjoy the many variations the game takes. The objective is to get my marbles into my opponent's home base before she gets her marbles into my base. We don't take each other out, but we use our marbles and opponent's marbles to hop accross the board in as few moves as possible. I play to see how many jumps I can make with in one move, and strategize to create a scenario when the most jumps are possible. Very easy to learn and play, and variations keep it interesting. Marbles are glass and good color. My only complaint is that a couple marbles were poorly made/flawed and the board had a very minor crack with some sap/glue in it. Otherwise, board seems solid and holds the marbles adequately.

  3. Very nice set

    Posted by momof3 on Dec 9th 2008

    Very attractive set. Nice wooden board and pretty marbles.

  4. Chinese Checkers

    Posted by Nana = ) on Jul 23rd 2008

    Several months back, my five year old grandson - who lives out of town - came for a weekend visit. To my surprise, he pulled out my Chinese Checkers game and wanted to learn how to play. He caught on very quickly, and we had lots of fun playing together. In fact, we had so much fun, that I decided to buy him his own game to play for his birthday. I was very chagrined as I went from store to store to store and couldn't find a single Chinese Checers Game. As my grandson's big day drew nearer - it hit me - check online! After a bit of a search I discovered Dazadi - the only place that had the size gameboard and the quality I was looking for. [...] Thanks, Dazadi!

  5. the original chinese checkers is back!

    Posted by game-doctor on Jan 9th 2008

    Good quality compared to other games that I have seen of this type. Has actual marbles which is a plus since so many of this type have pegs or other game pieces unlike the original. would have preferred a dark wood board but it was well made.

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